AP News:巴基斯坦坠机事件2人生还

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This is AP News Minute.
Time is running out on an arms control treaty that, if it's allowed to expire, will leave the world with no legal restrictions on U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons for the first time in nearly half a century. The new strategic arms reduction treaty is the only remaining U.S.-Russia arms control pact. It's setto expire on February 5.
Hertz has filed for bankruptcy protection, unable to withstand the coronavirus pandemic that has crippled global travel and with it, the heavily indebted 102-year-old car rental company's business. The Florida-based company's lenders were unwilling to grant it another extension on its auto lease debt payments past a Friday deadline.
One of the two survivors of the Pakistan plane crash near Karachi said the flight proceeded normally until its descent, when there was a sudden jolt. The pilot warned that the landing would be troublesome. Moments later, the plane slammed into a crowded neighborhood on the edge of the international airport.
Millions of Americans are set to emerge from coronavirus lockdowns and take tentative steps outdoors to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend. But public health officials have deep concerns that large gatherings could cause outbreaks to come roaring back. 1/2  1 2 下一页 尾页本栏目更多同类内容
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